About Us

How did this all come together? Well let me tell you, because it is crazy what two women can do who have the same dream and vision. 

Natalie and I (Autumn) met in person briefly through a mom’s group, and then re-connected on instagram through our small businesses. I screen print tees at a small office in Baldwin, WI and Natalie sews kids clothing at home. We had a few conversations here and there and at one point, Natalie expressed that her dream would be to open up a store and coffee shop. I never had that same dream until a few weeks later when I felt called to open up a storefront. I couldn’t get away from the tug I felt to do something about it. So I reached out to Natalie and asked her if she would consider opening up a store with me. After many days of praying and conversations of how we would make it work, we went ALL IN.

It was an emotional roller coaster if I am being honest. We both have three young kiddos at home with us, and we didn’t want to take away time from our family. There were many times we wanted to give up, we both felt like the Lord was calling us into this together but selfishly we weren’t sure if we were ready for it. God made himself clear that this is something He would love to see us do, and kept reminding us to trust Him. So here we are. 

We are just two women that God has put together to open up a place of community for small businesses and their customers. We want this store to be a place for makers to have their handmade products in a store and available for people to see in person. Somehow, we ended up getting a building in the beautiful downtown Hudson, Wisconsin. We are just two short blocks from the St. Croix River and Lakefront Park. It’s a beautiful location with a lot of foot traffic and we can’t wait to see where this store can take us. 

We chose the name Beloved Makers because all of our products will be handmade from small businesses in Wisconsin and Minnesota. We feel that the makers in our store are loved, seen, talented, and successful. When you walk into our shop, you will see so many beautiful and unique products from all of our BELOVED makers.

Thank you for all of your support, we appreciate the Hudson community an are excited to be a part of it.